Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DVD News

Well, we now have one Spanish translator and three Portugese translators, as well as an offer from both German and French speakers. So we should be putting up translated versions soon (a month, I'm guessing, maybe less).

In other news, I just got in the mail our new DVD from the Obelisk group, so all I have to do is finish the design for the cover, and buy some blanks, and I'll be able to start pressing disks. Once I've got that up and running, I'll post something up here, and I'll put up a link to buy the DVDs from.

The DVD has the first four episodes in as high a resolution as we could manage (some of them had to be upsampled, because they were originally mastered in low-res), as well as the extra Halloween message, and the hidden video that was previously only available to people who cracked the Cult of Cthulhu code (from Episode 3).

This first version of the DVD is only going to be available in English, with no subtitles. But once we get the translated versions, I'll make sure that future DVDs have all the subtitles, including English subtitles.

And don't worry, we are still working on Episode 5. It's going to be a shorter show, with a new intro, and more of the ranting that people seem to love so much.


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