Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Recently, a fan wrote in to ask if we could make ringtones from the show. So, always eager to please, we set aside our subtitles and videos for a little while, and put together a series of clips from the show (the intro, a few rants, the Rapid Fire Round, the Cult of Cthulhu message, etc.) and made them all available through this website.

Click here to listen to or download the ringtones. They are all free for download, although I would ask that, if you really like one, you make a donation to the squid-headed lord.

By the way, all of these files are rendered as MP3s. If you need a different file format, just tell me and I'll try to convert to that format.

Also, if there's a sound you were looking for, but didn't see, tell me and I'll be glad to put it up there for you.

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